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"That '90s Show" is the eleventh episode of The Simpsons' nineteenth season. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 27, Kurt Loder and "Weird Al" Yankovic both guest star as themselves, this being the second time for Yankovic. The episode was written by Matt Selman, and directed by Mark. "That '90s Show" is the eleventh episode of Season After Bart and Lisa discover Marge's diploma from Springfield University, Homer and Marge recount one of the darkest points in their relationship, when Marge fell in love with a university professor, Stefane August. Animation · Homer and Marge tell the kids about their life in the early s before they were born, when Marge was enrolled in Springfield College and Homer was the lead singer of a grunge rock band.

28 Jan Then I wondered if they'd do something really cool and interesting and actually go back to an episode or era we're already familiar with since, as we all know, The Simpsons aired throughout that decade. But what "That '90s Show" did was neither cool nor interesting. Instead, it insulted lifelong Simpsons. 27 Jan As I watched TV tonight, I could practically hear the heads of die-hard, lifelong Simpsons fans exploding across the country. A nation of Comic Book Guys threw down their nachos in disgust over the blatant disregard for continuity, shaking their fists while quoting lines from 's "The Way We Was". The Simpson family are freezing inside their house. Bart and Lisa, searching for items to feed the fire, discover a box containing a degree belonging to Marge from Springfield University. Homer and Marge look shocked to find it, and claim it was from their dating years. Lisa does some calculations and realizes that, because.

12 Feb I've written a fair few blogs on all things Simpsons, and I've always avoided this one. This is their Around the Sun, their 'Number 9 Dream', their List of the Lost – in short, it is an infamous episode wherein many fans, whose strings of devotion had already been strummed far too taut by this. 23 Apr That '90s Show is the eleventh episode of season


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