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2 Apr Releases. MercurialEclipse This release focuses on the healthiness of the source code: it contains an overhaul of the file in order to remove most inconsistencies as well as most uses of deprecated or internal Eclipse APIs. As a consequence, it requires action from the user. 23 Aug When installing from Eclipse Marketplace it is not possible to install Mercurial binaries, so there you have to install Mercurial yourself. If you choose the update site you can choose to have the Windows binaries installed with MercurialEclipse . However, this is an older version of Mercurial compared to what. 12 Mar The stable MercurialEclipse version is planned to be released at March 23th. If you are interested in the latest stable version, just use this url: http:// as update site in Eclipse. This update site is open and will be always open.

I think the accepted answer is now outdated, what's available in the 'Market Place ' does not work when adding a repository with latest Java x64 (Issue #60) - was hoping installing a the snapshot would help but it did not. http:// MercurialEclipse. MercurialEclipse must be provided under All earlier versions must remain available. The jar files must be compiled and created using eclipse and jdk using revision tagged for The latest but only that latest eclipse and versions must be supported. The installation. 10 Aug The MercurialEclipse plugin doesn't play well with the latest release of Mercurial. If you're on Ubuntu, you can replace the "mercurial" package with " mercurial" to get the old version back (see Launchpad packages). Thanks go to Max Bowsher for a quick solution: sudo aptitude install mercurial

Index of /lookaside/pkgs/rpms/eclipse-mercurial/2. [ ICO], Name · Last modified · Size · Description. [PARENTDIR], Parent Directory, -. [DIR], 4fbcf2aff74df54ab> , -. [DIR], md5/, 19, -. When we renamed HgEclipse to MercurialEclipse there was a need for a transition plugin which was basically an empty HgEclipse version. This was used to inform the customers about this change, and was effectively uninstalling HgEclipse and previous versions. This plugins seems now obsolete, probably. 25 Jan (Work with: ) and ; the installation of MercurialEclipse does not work (only development build from wiki/update_site/snapshots can be installed) - I have found a bug report at.


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