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NOTE: Please try BonyFace BEFORE purchasing and make sure that Basic and Extended tools are appropriate to your needs; Basic tools are free to use for everybody; Extended tools has 10 free trial sessions, when you spend theese sessions you will need to authorize to continue using Extended tools. BonyFace toolbar. Rig and main window in BonyFace Selector window in BonyFace Drive window in BonyFace Controls rollout of Drive window in BonyFace AutoBlink Layer Settings rollout of Drive window in BonyFace Mocap Layer Settings rollout of Drive window in BonyFace Lipsync Layer. BonyFace Version of the 3ds Max plugin, released this week, improves the rigging of the eyes and jaw. ScriptAttack has released the free Basic edition of BonyFace , the latest update to its 3ds Max facial rigging and animation system. BonyFace enables users to create a bone-based facial rig.

18 Mar What's new in BonyFace 1. Max support 2. Automatic updating to any new version via Internet 3. Automatic model check to meet requirements 4. Automatic picking of optional objects (eyes, teeth, etc.) 5. Freezes during rig and skin phases was removed 6. Minor UI changes to increase usability 7. 26 Jan ScriptAttack announced the upcoming release of BonyFace , the latest version of its commercial script for rigging and animating facial expressions. New features include an improved rig for eyes, mouth and jaw, enhanced controls, many UI changes, a lipsync layer, and more. BonyFace's price will be.


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