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Drill music is a style of trap music originating in the South Side of Chicago. The genre is a prominent feature of Chicago hip hop, and is defined by its dark, grim, violent, nihilistic lyrical content and ominous trap-influenced beats. Drill progressed into the mainstream in mid following the success of rappers and. 9 Apr “Murders and stabbings plaguing London and other cities are directly linked to an ultra-violent new form of music sweeping Britain”, began a report in the Sunday Times, going on to detail a series of incidents in which gang violence was supposedly catalysed by drill music – MCs taunted each other in. 15 Apr Let's be clear, drill music is no picnic. In it, rappers detail vivid accounts of cooking up drugs, facing up to their rivals (or opps) and harming those who dare to disrespect them. Yes, lines referring to cleaning kitchenware after doing away with a person exist, and their presentation (visuals of young black men.

10 Apr It's here – in the end-of-the-line zones where born-and-bred Londoners live – that UK drill music was conceived. A relative of the Chicago sound of the same name, UK drill shares many similarities with its American counterpart. The stars are young (Chicago had Chief Keef, who signed to Interscope at 16;. Oh shut up Daily Mail – drill music isn't causing gang violence. 67, Glastonbury Credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes / NME. Leonie Cooper. By Leonie Cooper Apr 12, pm. The tabloid has said the offshoot of UK rap is behind the current wave of knife and gun crime in London. Since the tabloid press first whipped. 14 Apr Welcome to the world of UK drill rap — the music behind the explosion of teenage deaths on London's streets. This is the music that has turned murder into a money–making industry. Understand it and you understand why these children are dying. A glance at drill videos on YouTube is revealing. Here are.

30 Jan These British artists—often still teenagers—are racking up millions of plays with a raw, aggressive strain of rap music that reflects their harsh realities. 15 Apr A form of rap has been linked to escalating violence, but musicians say politicians are not addressing the root of the problem. 5 Apr Community leaders have blamed 'drill' rap music for escalating gang warfare in London that has led to an increase in murders. Pastor Ryan King, from Grace Baptist Church in Wood Green, argued the 'aggressive' hip-hop subgenre was fuelling spiralling violence and videos should be taken off social.


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