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Giant robo ginrei special

Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still is a to original video animation series based on Mitsuteru Yokoyama's manga series Giant Robo. It was written and directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa. Giant Robo is a homage to Yokoyama's career. The series features characters and plotlines from the manga artist's entire. Plot Summary: In episode one, Ginrei's dress is stolen, only to be used to fool the enemy. The second episode deals with a giant robot made "exactly" in her image. Finally, the third episode concerns Tetsugyu and Ginrei investigating a lost research team in a "Wild West" desert setting. User Ratings: ratings have been. Looking for information on the anime Giant Robo Gaiden Ginrei? Find out Finally, the third episode concerns Tetsugyu and Ginrei investigating a lost research team in a "wild west" desert setting. (Source: I'll do a short overview of this special then review each episode individually since they're all standalone. Story: 3/

Ginrei is a major supporting character in the animated OVA Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still. She is a beautiful and highly skilled agent of the International Police Organisation and an Expert of Justice. She is very close to Daisaku Kusama, often playing the role of older sister to. Sci-Fi · Add a Plot». Find the latest news, discussion, and photos of Giant Robo Gaiden Ginrei online now. Super Robot Wars (スーパーロボット大戦, Alternative Names: Giant Robo Gaiden. Giant Robo: Gin-Rei Special. Gin Rei. Giant Robo: Ginrei Special. GinRei: THE ANIMATION. Country of Origin: Japan Year Produced: Air Date: Feb.

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