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Rpcgen linux

rpcgen is a tool that generates C code to implement an RPC protocol. The input to rpcgen is a language similar to C known as RPC Language (Remote Procedure Call Language). If the infile is named proto.x, then rpcgen will generate a header file in proto.h, XDR routines in proto_xdr. RPCGEN is an interface generator pre-compiler for Sun Microsystems ONC RPC. It uses an interface definition file to create client and server stubs in C. rpcgen will simply generate the serialization routines. Your server might be coded to have several threads. Learn more about pthreads.

I could not find a -A option in the rpcgen for linux and there was also no alternate option specified for creating a concurrent server program. rpcgen provides programmers a direct way to write distributed applications. Server procedures can be written in any language that observes procedure- calling. rpcgen [options] file. Parse file, which should be written in the RPC (Remote Procedural Call) language, and produce a program written in C that implements the.

Fortunately, rpcgen(1) exists to help programmers write RPC applications simply and the main program must be written in C). rpcgen options can be used to. 3 Nov hi all, i want to implement one RPC (remote procedure call) client on LINUX platform. i created one RPC specification file .x), compiled it.


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