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20 Nov dlltool --help Usage E:\MINGW\bin\ -m -- machine Create as DLL for. [default: i] possible: arm[_interwork], i, mcore[-elf]{-le|-be}, ppc, thumb -e --output-exp Generate an export file. -l --output-lib Generate. 20 Nov (or imingwdlltool or something similar in linux cross compile). Issue 'dlltool --help' to get a brief description of the available options. Sometimes dlltool can create an import library from the DLL. But then you wouldn't need an import library since the linker wouldn't need one. So you. 20 Nov dlltool. Printer-friendly version. warning: Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/drupal/6.x/drupal/modules/taxonomy/ on line

On 3/29/ AM, Prof Brian Ripley wrote: > dlltool -m i --as "as " > > but that syntax seems to fail as it does not unpack the quoting > GNU c:\R\TDM\ bin\dlltool (GNU Binutils) > > dlltool -m i -k --as "as " -v --dllname R. dll --input-def > --output-lib a > c:\R\TDM\bin\: Processing . 1 Dec The --as option of in the binutils release does not seem to work correctly on Windows Me. I get the following error: e:\mingw32\ bin\: installation problem, cannot exec `E:/MINGW32/BIN/' and I get an error of that form no matter what I pass as --as, even when. 2 Nov But yes, indeed you'll have to ask the MinGW guys, since we really don't know. While you're asking this, you might add the question why most paths are set like that: c:/MinGW/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32//../../../../mingw32/bin/mingw32// intead of more concise representations (plus, the forementioned.

Updating with First time poster, long time lurker. Using MinGW (Comes with Code::Blocks). I need to uncomment a line in ntoskrnl. def and rebuild the library. 22 Jun -d -k -d -l libmysql.a. Note. If your mingw installation does not provide reimp or dlltool, you need to download them, for example from here. If you are getting errors with the reimp command, you may need to rebuild the mingw-utils package from source as. I had the exact same problem. Adding C:\MinGW\bin (or wherever your is located) to system PATH solved it for me.


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