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Progressive house party

We know game night is a sure thing. So is girls' night at the city's newest hot spot. But don't discount a dinner party -- especially the progressive kind. This moving feast offers hours of entertainment with a limited amount of prep work. It's a great way to entertain a group of friends or neighbors without shouldering the whole. A progressive dinner is simply a party where each course is eaten at a different host's house in the same evening. In other words, the guests progress from house to house. Think of it like a potluck, but extended across three or four locations. Progressives are fun because they allow several guests to showcase their homes. Plan your holiday round robin or other multi-house party with these progressive dinner party ideas. Consider a progressive dinner party, whereby a group of friends plan a meal together. Course options include appetizers, soup and/or salad, main course, cheese or vegetable course.

A progressive dinner (US) or safari supper (UK) is a dinner party with successive courses prepared and eaten at the residences of different hosts. Usually this involves the consumption of one course at each location. Involving travel, it is a variant on a potluck dinner and is sometimes known as a round-robin. An alternative is. Most houses can't seat more than twelve comfortably, and many apartments are even smaller than that. Plan accordingly. If you want to throw a big party (maybe for the neighborhood or a large club), consider splitting the guests into teams of a manageable size (six to twelve). Then, pick hosts and plan parallel dinners for. Sep 25, Though a progressive dinner works best for people who live in the same neighborhood or apartment building, you can also stage this type of party in one house. Visit a different room or location within the home for each course (for example, appetizers on the patio, main course in the dining room, and.


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