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Aug 15, Prepare a reference sequence so that it is suitable for use with BWA and GATK. Generate the BWA index; Generate the Fasta file index; Generate the sequence dictionary . /home/muhammad/Desktop java -jar \ REFERENCE=a \OUTPUT=ucsc. hgdict. To regenerate the sai file, I reran the bwa aln but got the following msg that I don't understand why bwa searches for >> and what it is? >> bwa aln / home/carolw/NGS/hg19/Homo_sapiens/UCSC/hg19/Sequence/ WholeGenomeFasta/./../data/ > SRRfilt. sai >> [bwa_aln]. Create Reference Index. # bwa index [-a bwtsw|is] index_prefix bwa index -p hg19bwaidx -a bwtsw hgfa. # -p index name (change this to whatever you want). # -a index algorithm (bwtsw for long genomes and is for short genomes).

Apr 18, Hi As it takes time to construct the index file of hg19 for bwa, I just wondered if it the index file could be downloaded from internet. bwa index -a bwtsw -p hg19 hgfa. Look forward to your reply, Carol. carolW is offline. You should always align DNA-seq data to the entire genome. For hg19, download the hgbit file from here: goldenPath/hg19/bigZips/. Then, convert it to FASTA format with twobittofa: http:// Be aware, also, that. Jun 2, Building the hg19 BWA index. The hg19 genome reference index was built on a training linux Mint virtual machine with 6GB RAM. The process was quite long abut resulted in the expected files. bwa index HiSeq_UCSC_hgfa [ bwa_index] Pack FASTA sec [bwa_index] Construct BWT for the.

Sep 26, If the UCSC/hg19 BWA index file were used, the bwa process will need at least 3gb of memory. Running on Helix. $ module load bwa $ bwa index -a bwtsw file. csfasta $ bwa aln -t 2 a > $ bwa samse a file. sai > Running a single batch job on Biowulf. 1. Halvade uses the genome reference FASTA file (a), found in the GATK resource bundle, to build the index files for both BWA and STAR. The FASTA file comes with an index and a dictionary file. Additionally a full dbSNP file (version ) is used when recalibrating the base scores for the reads. These files. This could actually be root problem (is is required for a successful BWA/BWA- Mem index, even as a CG). Using a highly fragmented CG can also trigger issue, but that doesn't sound like your issue, if using UCSC's hg Since you are on your own cloud instance, I suggest using a data manager to install it.


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