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Chicken Ranch is a documentary film by Nick Broomfield about the famous legalized brothel, the Chicken Ranch, in Pahrump, Nevada. Photographed by Sandi Sissel. The documentary, which remains purely observational for the most part, depicts the prostitutes as likeable characters often looking for a way out of the. Documentary · Documentary on the "Chicken Ranch," a legal Nevada brothel. 1 Jun IN ''Soldier Girls,'' his documentary about female G.I.'s enduring the rigors of basic training, Nick Broomfield offered a relaxed, insightful view of his young subjects and their peculiar camaraderie. In ''Chicken Ranch,'' Mr. Broomfield, along with his co-director, Sandi Sissel, attempts something similar in a very.

Film. Chicken Ranch. Previous / Next image (7 of 9). Co-directed with Texas camerawoman Sandi Sissel Running Time: 85 minutes. DIRECTOR'S COMMENTS: "Ten weeks in the Chicken Ranch on a squeaky bed. There was a ghost too called Harold, that no-one was allowed to talk about. If anyone talked about Harold. Customers are lured by an assortment of delights; the Passion Chair, with its 37 different positions, the VIP Room equipped with movies and a jacuzzi and more. Directors Nick Broomfield and Sandi Sissel uncover "Chicken Ranch," a legal brothel in Nevada to make this eye-opening documentary on the business and. 4 Feb Out in the desert about halfway between Las Vegas and Death Valley lies the Chicken Ranch, a legal brothel that is the subject of a new six-part documentary, "Pleasure for Sale," beginning tonight on the Sundance Channel. (The ranch was also the subject of a documentary by Nick Broomfield and.

Co-directors Nick Broomfield and Sandi Sissel go inside the Chicken Ranch?the most famous of Nevada's legal brothels?for this fascinating documentary on the business and personal lives of the Ranch's prostitutes, madam and owner. Exploring everything from the pricey delights of the VIP Room (featuring a.


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