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SolydXK bit. The bit versions of SolydX and SolydK follow Debian stable and offer the same stability the official SolydXK releases offer. For support, please visit our forums. 23 Jan Grizzler has released the SolydXK bit ISOs! As for the regular ISOs, the bit ISOs are fully updated, including the latest kernel release with the Meltodown vulnarability patch. The ISOs come with a system configuration tool called “SolydXK System Settings”. Following is a list of features added. 3 days ago This image is based on Michael Stapelberg's bit image. It follows Debian Buster and as this is current testing it will have some bugs that need attention. Known bugs: The system hangs regularly. It usually happens when several CPU intensive tasks are writing to the SD. I can only Ctrl-Alt-F2, login as root.

The Live user is “solydxk” and has the same password as root: solydxk. SolydX does not need to be reinstalled each time an update is released. You don't have to reinstall, ever! The update manager sits in your system tray and signals you whenever there is an update available. You can Download. SolydX bit ( G). SolydXK is an open source operating system for small businesses, non-profit organizations and home users. SolydXK focuses on stability, security and ease of use and will help new users make the transition from Windows to Linux easier. 16 Jan For our German users I've decided to officially maintain the German localized ISOs of SolydX bit and SolydK bit. You can download them from the Localized Editions page. Not all mirrors have synchronized yet but I'll add them as soon as they come available. The Community editions (bit) and the.

SolydXK aims to be simple to use, providing an environment that is both stable and secure. SolydXK is an open-source alternative for small businesses, non- profit organisations and home users. The project started as an unofficial variant of • SolydXK has bit community ISOs • More SolydXK headlines. SolydXK, originally based on Debian testing, since January is built on Debian Stable. There are also Community Editions, not officially tested nor supported by the SolydXK team. Examples are the SolydXK Enthusiast's Edition - versions of SolydX and SolydK that follow Debian testing, the bit community editions. 27 Jan Been playing with other distros, I'm still coming back here 8-) Decided to try the new iso Solydk on the Dell netbook. First try I think was just a bad burn, it locked up on me. Burned it a second time and it installed. The driver manager installed Broadcom and the PAE kernel but never let me know it had.


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