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Resident evil degeneration ngage

19 Sep Beware citizens, for it would appear that the T-Virus has mutated, and has now taken to resurrecting not only the recently deceased, but also mobile platforms thought long since dead. Or at the very least irrelevant. Gamasutra reports that Capcom is bringing a game based on its upcoming CGI flick. This excellent 3D 3rd person zombie-shooter is n-gage version of highly popular Resident Evil series. Its story is directly ported from 3D animation movie with the same title, but the graphics and gameplay greatly resembles Resident Evil 4, which was made for PS2, Wii and PC. Of course, this game is optimised for the. 18 Sep Nokia, the giant Finnish telecommunications company, has just announced that it will soon bring one of the most popular video games of the last decade – Resident Evil Degeneration, produced by the Japan-based Capcom – to its N- Gage platform. Based on the upcoming GC animation film that should be.

22 Sep Wait isn't Resident Evil Degeneration a movie? Well, yes, but you can't blame a company for making a tie-in. Capcom has announced that a game based on the CG film will be coming, which you may have been interested in playing, but since it's coming to the N-Gage, I have a feeling few of you will. Though it's not on the official N-Gage games list but it's in development, I thought it'd be interesting to post this. ?newsid= They got some screenshots aswell. Enjoy. It is never love at first sight but lust at first sight.


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