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Firepower amiga pc

Fire Power is a video game published in on DOS by MicroIllusions. It's an action game, set in a tank theme, and was also released on Amiga, Apple IIgs and Commodore Firepower puts you in the driving seat of a tank traversing a huge desert blowing away anything unfortunate enough to get in your way, with the aim of capturing the enemy's flag. The desert is spanned by a network of roads which are used to get from location to location. You can drive over the desert but this slows the tank . Fire Power (sometimes Firepower) is a strategic military tank action game developed by Silent Software, Inc. originally for the Amiga. It was released in and published by MicroIllusions and Activision. Ports were made for the MS -DOS, Apple IIGS and Commodore 64systems in

The latter is definitely the superior game, and still unsurpassed in my opinion when it comes to this particular style of gaming. Wii really is the ideal platform for a Firepower/Return Fire revival done in true retro style. Heck, even if they just did a direct port of the 3DO/PC version of Return Fire with its Maps o'.


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